Our Warranty

unmatched protection for peace of mind

When making a decision that will affect you for the next 25 years, it needs to be the right one. We firmly believe in making sure our customers are taken care of for as long as they have Solar. That means whether its 1, 5, or 25 years after install, we’ve still got your back. We’re happy to give you total peace of mind when deciding to go Solar. Check out our guarantees below, and you will see that no other company comes close.

25 Year Panel Production Warranty

Our panels are backed by the manufacturer and guaranteed to perform for 25 years.

25 Year Enphase Warranty

Enphase is the only inverter on the market that comes standard with a 25 year warranty.

25 Year Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship is a key component to a quality, long lasting solar installation. No matter the materials used, poor workmanship can cause even the best equipment to fail and while most companies offer the bare minimum, we stand behind our workmanship for the whole time your components are under the manufacturer warranty.

25 Year No-Cost Warranty Service

We believe in the products we install and that is why we go one step further by providing the labor for any warranty items at no-cost to you for the entire length of the warranty.

24/7 Monitoring Included

Monitor your system from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time.

Leak-Free Roof Penetration Guarantee

We guarantee your roof to be free from leaks for the life of the roof or the solar system.

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Florida Tax Benefits

Thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can potentially receive a 26% federal tax credit. The Tax Credit will continue to decrease each year so now’s the best time for solar. This is money that can apply back into your solar loan program, or pocket the credit for other expenses. The choice is yours.

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Please upload a recent power bill to receive a calculated estimate.