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Our focus on providing our customers with simple, affordable energy solutions combined with a dedication to customer service has propelled us to the forefront as an industry leader in our field. We handle the entire process from initial site evaluation to custom engineering, permitting, system installation and activation. Our friendly, USA based team members are here for you 24/7 to ensure your transition to renewable energy is seamless and enjoyable.


With a name like the Sunshine State and over 1 million homes powered by rooftop solar, it’s no surprise that Florida ranks #3 in the United States for total solar capacity. With a generous 1:1 Net Metering policy, 100% Property Tax Exemption and Statute 163.04 protecting homeowners in deed restricted communities, there has never been a better time to go solar in Florida.


The Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit reimburses homeowners an additional 25% of the cost of solar panels, up to $1,000, directly off their personal income taxes for the year the solar was installed. This, combined with the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and an Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption gives Arizonians multiple reasons to go solar. With over 8% of it’s power coming from solar energy, Arizona ranks 5th in total solar capacity in the United States.

North Carolina

Ranking 3rd in the United States with over 8% of its total electricity coming from solar power, North Carolina has quickly become a leader in solar energy capacity. Combined with the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), North Carolina offers generous Net Metering policies and a state property tax exemption that makes going solar more beneficial than ever before.

South Carolina

With one of the largest solar incentives in the United States, the South Carolina Solar Tax Credit provides a 25% state tax credit on the total cost of the solar system (up to a $3,500 reduction). South Carolina also ranks #3 in the amount of money spent on electricity bills in the United States which means going solar in the Palmetto State is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make.


The Heart of America’s energy industry, Texas ranked 2nd in solar power by the SEIA. While the State has installed a considerable amount of solar, solar still only provides a small portion of the State’s energy needs. With favorable net-metering programs, property┬átax exemptions and utility rebate programs, going solar in Texas has never looked better.

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